Planar k-Path in Subexponential Time and Polynomial Space

TitlePlanar k-Path in Subexponential Time and Polynomial Space
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLokshtanov, D., Mnich M., & Saurabh S.
Other Numbers3177

In the k-Path problem we are given an n-vertex graph G together with an integer k and asked whether G contains a path of length k as a subgraph. We give the first subexponential time, polynomial space parameterized algorithm for k-Path on planar graphs, and more generally, on H-minor-free graphs.

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Proceedings of the 37th International Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science (WG '11), Teplá-Klášter, Czech Republic

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D. Lokshtanov, M. Mnich, and S. Saurabh

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Article in conference proceedings