Finding Lost Children

TitleFinding Lost Children
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsEden, A., C. Christoudias M., & Darrell T.
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During a disaster, children may be quickly wrenchedfrom their families. Research shows that children in suchcircumstances are often unable or unwilling to give theirnames or other identifying information. Currently in theUS, there is no existing system in the public health infrastructurethat effectively expedites reunification when childrencan’t be identified. Working with the Children’s HospitalBoston, we have engineered a system to speed reunificationof children with their families, should they get separatedin a disaster. Our system is based on a Content BasedImage Retrieval and attribute search. In this paper we willdescribe the system and a series of evaluations, including arealistic disaster drill set up and run jointly with the Children’sHospital.


This work could not have been done without SaritaChung, Stephen Monteiro, Valerie Deleon, Phuc Nguyen,Brian Kulis, the students and faculty at UC Berkeley andICSI, and the people at Children’s Hospital Boston. Specialthanks to Michael Shannon, who was the force behindthe entire project. This study was supported in part by agrant from the Health Resources and Services Administration,(EMS-C Targeted Issues) Grant #H34MC10575-01-01.

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Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE Workshop on Person-Oriented Vision (POV 2011), pp 7-12, Kona, Hawaii

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A. Eden, C.M. Christoudias, and T. Darrell

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