Proceedings of AAIP 2011

TitleProceedings of AAIP 2011
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AuthorsKitzelmann, E., & Schmid U.
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PrefaceInductive programming is concerned with the automated construction of com-puter program code { typically including control structures like branching andrecursion or loops { from incomplete specications such as input/output exam-ples. Inferred programs must be correct with respect to the provided examplesin a generalizing sense: they should neither be equivalent to them, nor inconsis-tent. Applications in the focus of inductive programming are, among others, au-tomated software development, algorithm design, end-user programming, cogni-tive modeling, and self-programming intelligent agents. Inductive programmingis studied in dierent communities such as articial intelligence, evolutionarycomputation, and programming languages and systems and has been tackled bydierent approaches like syntactic recurrence detection in sets of input/outputterms, inductive reasoning, generate-and-test search in program spaces, and SATand SMT solving.

The Workshop on Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming(AAIP) series aims at bringing together researchers who are interested in in-ductive programming and to advance fruitful interaction between the dierentcommunities with respect to inductive programming approaches and algorithms,challenge problems, and potential applications. This year, AAIP took place inOdense, Denmark, July 19, in conjunction with the ACM SIGPLAN Sympo-sium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming (PPDP 2011) andthe International Symposium on Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transfor-mation (LOPSTR 2011). Previous instances of AAIP took place in conjunctionwith the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming(ICFP 2009), the European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML 2007), andthe International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2005).

This proceedings volume contains the ve papers presented at the workshop.They cover machine learning approaches to inductive programming, genetic pro-gramming, and the combination of analytical and generate-and-test induction ofrecursive functional programs. The workshop was enriched by an invited talkby Ras Bodik from University of California Berkeley. His topic was inductiveprogram synthesis using SAT and SMT solving, especially in the context of Pro-gramming by Sketching.

We thank the program committee members for a smooth review process andfor providing meaningful reviews, the local organizers of the Odense Summeron Logic and Programming event for their organizational support, our invitedspeaker Ras Bodik for a revealing talk, and all authors of this volume for con-tributing to the AAIP workshop.

July 2011Berkeley

Emanuel KitzelmannUte Schmid(AAIP Organizers)

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Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming (AAIP 2011), Odense, Denmark

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