There is No Data Like Less Data: Percepts for Video Concept Detection on Consumer-Produced Media

TitleThere is No Data Like Less Data: Percepts for Video Concept Detection on Consumer-Produced Media
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFriedland, G., Elizalde B. Martinez, Lei H., & Divakaran A.
Other Numbers3285

Video concept detection aims to find videos that show a certain event described as a high-level concept, e.g., “wedding ceremony” or “changing a tire.” This paper presents a theoretical framework and experimental evidence to suggest that video concept detection on consumer-produced videos can be performed by what we call “percepts,” i.e., a set of observable units with Zipfian distribution. We present an unsupervised approach to extract percepts from audio tracks, which we then use to perform experiments to provide evidence for the validity of the proposed theoretical framework using the TrecVID MED 2011 dataset. The approach suggests selecting the most relevant percepts automatically, thereby actually reducing the amount of training data. We show that our framework provides a highly usable foundation for doing video retrieval on consumer-produced content and is applicable for acoustic, visual, as well as multimodal content analysis.


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ICSI Technical Report TR-12-006

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G. Friedland, B. Martinez Elizalde, H. Lei, and A. Divakaran

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Audio and Multimedia

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Technical Report