From AUDREY to Siri: Is Speech Recognition A Solved Problem?

TitleFrom AUDREY to Siri: Is Speech Recognition A Solved Problem?
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPieraccini, R.
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Sixty years after AUDREY, the first analog speech recognizer, the personal assistant Siri has created an unprecedented surge of popular interest in speech recognition. But is speech recognition a solved problem? Is it just a matter of more training data, more intelligent integration, better and better user interfaces? Or we are reaching a plateau of performance facing fundamental issues the current technology cannot solve? In this talk I will show what is still uncovered, what are the problems yet to be solved, why we think speech recognition as we know it is still far from human performance, and what the steps and the visions advanced research is taking to help bridge the gap.

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Presented at the Mobile Voice Conference, San Francisco, California

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R. Pieraccini

ICSI Research Group


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