Real-Time Control of Human Coagulation

TitleReal-Time Control of Human Coagulation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMakin, J., & Narayanan S.
Published inIET Control Theory and Applications
Other Numbers3407

In previous work, the authors showed that the dynamics of human blood clotting could be fruitfully modelled andsimulated as a hybrid system (HS), that is, one with interacting continuous and discrete parts. Here, the authors show that,although a complete analysis of the HS is (computationally) infeasible, analysis and control techniques can indeed be appliedto a large, critical subsystem a set of about 100 ordinary differential equations. The theory is outlined behind the controltechniques and then demonstrate in a series of simulations their application to control of pathological blood clotting, bothhypercoagulatory (factor-V Leiden) and hypocoagulatory (hæmophilia A). In particular, steering is simulated during a clottingevent of the crucial blood–protein thrombin, via the controlled injection of (recombinant) factor VIII (for hæmophilia) or theanti-coagulant heparin (for FV Leiden). It remains to remedy the shortcomings of this control technique, and to extend it tothe remainder of the HS of the previous work; methods for these are proposed, and addressed in a subsequent article.

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IET Control Theory and Applications, Vol. 6, Issue 17, pp. 2630-2643

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J. Makin and S. Narayanan

ICSI Research Group


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