Integrated Services in the Internet Architecture: An Overview

TitleIntegrated Services in the Internet Architecture: An Overview
Publication TypeRFC
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsBraden, R., Clark D. D., & Shenker S.
Publication Languageeng
Other Numbers3514

This memo discusses a proposed extension to the Internet architecture and protocols to provide integrated services, i.e., to support real-time as well as the current non-real-time service of IP. This extension is necessary to meet the growing need for real-time service for a variety of new applications, including teleconferencing, remote seminars, telescience, and distributed simulation.This memo represents the direct product of recent work by Dave Clark, Scott Shenker, Lixia Zhang, Deborah Estrin, Sugih Jamin, John Wroclawski, Shai Herzog, and Bob Braden, and indirectly draws upon the work of many others.

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Technical Report, Request for Comments (Informational) RFC 1633, Internet Engineering Task Force

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B. Braden, D. Clark, and S. Shenker

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