Strategyproof Allocation of Discrete Jobs on Multiple Machines

TitleStrategyproof Allocation of Discrete Jobs on Multiple Machines
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFriedman, E., Ghodsi A., & Psomas C-A.
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This research has been supported by grants NSF-1216073, NSF-1161813, and the A.G.Leventis Foundation. We would also like to thank the anonymous reviewers for theirvaluable comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the paper.

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Proceedings of the Fifteenth ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC'14), pp. 529-546, Palo Alto, California

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E. Friedman, A. Ghodsi, and C.-A. Psomas

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Networking and Security

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Article in conference proceedings