Cloud Computing Goes To Sea: Ship Design Around Software Defined Networking (SDN) Systems

TitleCloud Computing Goes To Sea: Ship Design Around Software Defined Networking (SDN) Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMcGillivary, A.., Fornasa M., Baglietto P., Stecca M., Caprino G., & Maresca M.
Published inOcean News and Technology
Other Numbers3795

Cloud computing has taken over many areas of computing/ communication systems, in particular in companies with large distributed computer systems and databases. Cloud computing is based on both dynamic computer system virtualization and dynamic network virtualization. In this article we focus on dynamic network virtualization and more specifically on Software Defined Network technology, which basically involves a shift from increasingly “smart” routers/switches to much simpler routers/switches only providing data plane functionalities, whereas the network control plane functionalities are provided by software platforms hosted in computer systems possibly distant from the actual networks (c.f. Pretz, 2013). Specifically the data plane, which transports data packets, is separated from the control plane, which decides how to forward data packets. In SDN, the data plane is controlled by devices called network controllers, which send commands to “dumb” switching nodes (routers) throughout the network (Feamster et al., 2013). - See more at:


This work was partially funded by the Computer Platform Research Center (CIPI), a joint effort of the University Padua and the University of Genoa, through a research fellowship.

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