Reviewer Integration and Performance Measurement for Malware Detection

TitleReviewer Integration and Performance Measurement for Malware Detection
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMiller, B., Kantchelian A., Tschantz M. Carl, Afroz S., Bachwani R., Faizullabhoy R., Huang L., Shankar V., Wu T., & Yiu G.
Published in13th Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware and Vulnerability Assessment (DIMVA)

We present and evaluate a large-scale malware detection system integrating machine learning with expert reviewers,treating reviewers as a limited labeling resource. We demonstrate that even in small numbers, reviewers can vastly improve the system’s ability to keep pace with evolving threats. We conduct our evaluation on a sample of VirusTotal submissions spanning 2.5 years and containing 1.1 million binaries with 778GB of raw feature data. Without reviewer assistance, we achieve 72% detection at a 0.5% false positive rate, performing comparable to the best vendors on VirusTotal. Given a budget of 80 accurate reviews daily, we improve detection to 89% and are able to detect 42% of malicious binaries undetected upon initial submission to VirusTotal. Additionally, we identify a previously unnoticed temporal inconsistency in the labeling of training datasets. We compare the impact of training labels obtained at the same time training data is first seen with training labels obtained months later. We find that using training labels obtained well after samples appear, and thus unavailable in practice for current training data, inflates measured detection by almost 20 percentage points. We release our cluster-based implementation, as well as a list of all hashes in our evaluation and 3% of our entire dataset.

ICSI Research Group

Networking and Security