The FrameNet constructicon in action

TitleThe FrameNet constructicon in action
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPetruck, M. R. L., & Goldman R-L.
Published inConstructicography: Constructicon development across languages
PublisherJohn Benjamins Publishing Company
Keywordsconstruct, Construction Grammar, construction-to-construction relations, frame, frame element, Frame semantics, frame-to-frame relations, FrameNet, FrameNet Constructicon, grammatical construction

The present work provides an overview of the FrameNet Constructicon both as an addition to the FrameNet knowledge base and as proof of concept for theoretical and practical constructicon development. The paper begins with a brief discussion of the fundamental principles of Construction Grammar, which constitutes the theoretical basis of any constructicon development project. Introducing FrameNet Constructicon terminology and illustrating its usage with examples from a variety of constructions, the paper offers an in-depth exploration of the be_recip construction (as in Paul is friends with Chuck), also demonstrating tools and techniques for analyzing the construction as well as the automatically produced reports that derive from the manual annotation of instances of the construction. The paper concludes by discussing the utility of construction documentation and annotation for language technology.


The title of this paper is meant to evoke Fillmore et al. (2003), which presented a step-by-step description of the daily work of FrameNet lexicographers. Here, too, the authors’ goals include presenting a comparable description of the daily work of FrameNet Constructicon grammarians.

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