Framework for Adaptive Controller Design Over Wireless Delay-Prone Communication Channels

TitleFramework for Adaptive Controller Design Over Wireless Delay-Prone Communication Channels
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsScheuvens, L., Simsek M., Noll-Berrato A., Franchi N., & Fettweis G.
Published inIEEE Access
Keywords5G, control over wireless, networked control systems, tactile Internet, URLLC, wireless factory automation

Control over wireless channels promises to be a great enabler for an interconnected world. Historically, the “control engineering” and “wireless communications” domains were seen as separate, but with upcoming 5G networks, joint design of wireless control systems promises large gains in both the domains for a wide range of applications. By means of a typical industrial use case of the automated guided vehicles (AGVs), we present a methodology to analyze the latency requirements along with the wireless links from a controller to a plant (downlink) and from a plant to its controller (uplink). From the perspective of a Wireless Communications Engineer, we present a framework to analyze the basic properties of the resulting control cycle in order to derive feasible latency values that differ from the commonly found values in the communications literature. Also, we highlight an approach to derive the proportional-derivative (PD) controller parameters that yield the best control performance according to the integral of absolute error (IAE) criterion. At last, we present the idea of a cross-domain manager (CDM) that is able to translate (in real-time) the current network performance metrics to optimal controller gains.


The authors would like to thank the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) at TU Dresden for generous allocations of computer time. They alone are responsible for the content of the paper.

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