2i2c Projects


The Pangeo project is a community platform for Big Data geoscience. 2i2c collaborates with Pangeo by developing and running JupyterHub infrastructure for the Pangeo Hubs. This work focuses around building collaborative data science platforms that can draw from large cloud datasets, as well as integrating JupyterHub with scalable computing in the cloud via Dask Gateway.

This research is funded by the Moore Foundation and is a collaboration with Columbia University.


2i2c makes interactive computing more accessible and powerful for research and education. The 2i2c team strives to accelerate research and discovery, and to empower education to be more accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable. They do this by providing managed services for interactive computing infrastructure for research and education, as well as by supporting open source tools and communities that underlie this infrastructure. For more information, see 2i2c.org.

Funding provided by Chan Zuckerberg Science Initiative